I can play pretty good already but I feel like I have have some huge gaps in my theoretical knowledge.

Step 1. Learn the guitar fundamentals

1.1 Sticky Fingers

2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

3. Alice in Chains

4. The Black Keys

5. Alabama Shakes

6. Black Sabbath

Step 2. Learn scales and understand the guitar neck to start improvising and creating your own music.

Learn all the chords across the whole neck, then understand how to improve over those chords by creating cool melodies with the Pentatonic scale.

Start playing all your favourite riffs, solos, melodies and create your own music.

From absolute beginner to advanced, learn all your chords all over the neck and play all your favourite songs.

Step 3. Learn songs with open chords only

Once you’ve got some of the most common chords shapes memorised, it’s time to start getting musical. Learn these 4 songs below to get your started.

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