I’m completely new to guitar or haven’t played for a long time and want to start with some basics.

Step 1. Learn the guitar fundamentals

1.1 Guitar Construction

1.2 Tuning & Holding the Pick

1.3 The Musical Alphabet

1.4 Open Position Notes

1.4 Chords & Your First Song

Step 2. Learn the most common open chords

The best way to stay motivated and excited to play guitar is by starting to play songs as quickly as possible. By knowing just a few of the most common open chords you can play hundreds of cool songs. 

From absolute beginner to advanced, learn all your chords all over the neck and play all your favourite songs.

Step 3. Learn songs with open chords only

Once you’ve got some of the most common chords shapes memorised, it’s time to start getting musical. Learn these 4 songs below to get your started.

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